Capricorn Bowden Tubing

When it comes to caliber, Capricorn bowden tubing is one of the best in the industry. Its tight internal diameter helps reduce filament bending. Whether you need a flexible or rigid tube, Capricorn has the right one for your needs. Its TL Series high-performance bowden tubing is made of PTFE and has a light blue color that is translucent. The TL Series also features excellent temperature resistance.

This high-quality bowden tube is suited to most Creality 3D printers. The PTFE material lowers the friction, so filament feeds smoothly and without scraping. The low-friction material is also great for chunky filaments. Capricorn bowden tubing comes with small and large pneumatic couplers that help secure them on the machine. A bed-level spring is also included for stable bed leveling.

TL Bowden Tubing is manufactured using the latest equipment. This helps it stay round and consistent in diameter. It is made of 100% virgin Japanese PTFE resin. The resin is transparent and slightly softer than the average PTFE. It has a nominal inner diameter of 2.0mm, making it a great choice for 3D printers that use large filaments. Moreover, it is also suitable for printing with flexible filaments.

Capricorn offers two types of PTFE tubing: TL and XS. The TL line is especially designed for the needs of beginners. Its inner diameter is larger than the XS line, which makes 3D printing easier. The Capricorn TL line is also designed for low-quality filaments.

The XS Series Premium PTFE Bowden Tubing is one of the best in the industry. Made of the highest quality PTFE, it delivers high lubrication and reduces wear. It is also resistant to chemicals. It is also opaque, which makes it ideal for filaments with flexibility.

The Capricorn Bowden XS PTFE tube is available in a variety of materials and thicknesses. The company’s website offers tab downloads for specific specifications. These downloads include chemical resistance, bending radius, and a general data sheet. If you have any questions or need additional information, the company’s staff is ready to help.

When installing PTFE Bowden Tubing, ensure that you use a cutter designed for PTFE. This special cutter is designed to cut the tubing smoothly without creating uneven cuts. This will prevent leakage and heat creep. When not in use, the PTFE Cutter should be stored away safely.

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