Antarctic Star Wine Cooler

Star Antarctic Wine Cooler is a quality wine storage solution. A good wine cooler must be cold enough to store the bottle correctly. The typical temperature for wine must be forty to sixty one degree Fahrenheit. This product displays a thermostat that allows you to adjust the ideal temperature. It’s also tight air and has strengthened the glass door. The unit also maintains optimal humidity levels.

Another main feature of Antarctic star wine cooler is a double temperature zone. The top temperature zone can be 41 to 54 degrees Fahrenheit, and a lower temperature range is 54 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Double zone temperature control helps maintain the flavor of wine. The soft blue LED light makes it easy to see the temperature in the unit. A durable metal base can withstand a lot of use.

Additional features that set the Antarctic Star Cooler regardless of many other wine coolers are automatic keys. It will be locked when there is no action detected for three minutes. You can unlock by pressing + and – together. The Antarctic Star Cooler Door hesges properly and has a height of the handle of 17.7 inches. In addition, the Key Bolt Hexagon Universal built-in is also a security feature. The locking system will ensure that no one goes into the cooler and accesses the bottle stored in it.

This cooler is equipped with a double temperature zone. The upper temperature range is 41-54 degrees Fahrenheit and a lower temperature range is 54-68 degrees Fahrenheit. During the coldest period, a lower temperature zone can cool forty degrees. The bottom zone is a temperature range of eight to thirty one degree. The lower temperature range is 32 to eighty one degree F. Antarctic star is a good choice if you like entertaining at home.

The antarctic star cooler has an automatic key that keeps the temperature stable and prevents unwanted access. The key can be opened by pressing the + and – – together. Aside from being a good choice for storage, it also has a key that prevents unauthorized access. This key also allows you to adjust the temperature for larger and smaller bottles. The locked wine cooler will keep your wine at the perfect temperature for a long time, allowing you to enjoy your drinks completely.

Antarctic star is a spaced wine cooler that can accommodate up to 28 standard sized wine bottles. It’s also ideal for storing other drinks because they keep them at the perfect temperature. This cooler can be included in your kitchen counter. Apart from wine, it can also store other drinks such as beer and soda. The front ventilation system makes wine remain cold even in extreme weather conditions, while horizontal racking allows optimal storage.

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