The Polka Dot Bar

The Polka Dot Bar is a chocolate candy that looks like the Willy Wonka candy bar, but it has a special ingredient. Psilocybin and psilocin, two powerful hallucinogens, are embedded in the chocolate. These substances can induce hallucinations when consumed. This makes the Polka Dot Bar a great way to try a new drug. The chocolate bar comes in 15 pieces, so you can eat … Continue reading The Polka Dot Bar

Antarctic Star Wine Cooler

Star Antarctic Wine Cooler is a quality wine storage solution. A good wine cooler must be cold enough to store the bottle correctly. The typical temperature for wine must be forty to sixty one degree Fahrenheit. This product displays a thermostat that allows you to adjust the ideal temperature. It’s also tight air and has strengthened the glass door. The unit also maintains optimal humidity … Continue reading Antarctic Star Wine Cooler

Launch X431 CRP429C Car Scanner

The Launch X431 CRP429c is an obd2 scanner with a 5-inch touchscreen. It supports obd1 and obd2 connectors. It is accompanied by a cable for obd2 connection. It has a dual-core A5 processor and an 8GB ROM. The obd2 interface is easy to use and provides high-speed diagnostic and feedback. It even comes with a recorder and a storage system for historical codes. The Launch … Continue reading Launch X431 CRP429C Car Scanner