SuperForex Currency Trading Broker Review

A broker like SuperForex claims to be a no dealing desk broker and claims to offer great spreads on major currency pairs. Its no-dealing-desk status makes it an ideal choice for people who want to trade without the hassle of a dealing desk. However, before you choose a brokerage, you should know what your specific needs are. For example, you may need to invest in … Continue reading SuperForex Currency Trading Broker Review

Smart Home UAE

The market for smart homes in UAE is growing in response to increasing awareness about automation technology. The market is dominated by the home energy management system segment, driven by high HVAC system prices and falling real estate prices in the country. Meanwhile, the physical security system segment is primarily driven by decreasing physical security costs and the expected growth of villa construction. In the … Continue reading Smart Home UAE

What Are Design Systems?

Design Systems are sets of shared practices and patterns that aid in developing digital products. They are a vital part of the digital product development process. These systems are often used to help create a better product than one developed by individuals. While these systems are not necessary for the development of a digital product, they are extremely helpful in the design process. The purpose … Continue reading What Are Design Systems?

Remote UX Research Methods

The best way to understand the user experience is through remote research methods. A virtual team usually has one member who is responsible for remote research. The other members will assist the participant during the entire project. The virtual team will ask the participants to answer a series of questions. These questions should be tailored to the actual situation the participant is facing. A qualitative … Continue reading Remote UX Research Methods