A Fishing Vacation in Matbutikk Pa Nett Nearuvai

MatButika Pa Nett is a fast growing, multi-day camping market in Southern Thailand. It is the brainchild of anglers and outdoor sportspeople in the region. The market is situated in the remote mountains of Chiang Mai. Although it may sound like a strange combination, MatBuy is not just a place to purchase odd bits and pieces but rather is a true village community where many of the local people actually take part in the fishing, camping, hiking and boating activities.

Fishing activity is prevalent and one of the main attractions of the market is the fresh catch that is brought in each day. Fresh fish are caught by hand and then cooked, fried and served. Some of the popular dishes include fish curry, which is a spicy concoction of coconut milk, onions, garlic and fish sauce. Another popular dish is Massamun Curry, which is made from vegetables and is spiced with Thai herbs. The other most popular dishes are chicken satay and beef sizzling.

Camping and fishing are the main draws of the MatBuy, which attracts many tourists. Anglers can either choose to go for the regular fishing activities such as fly-fishing, deep sea fishing, rowing and canoeing or they can opt for more adventurous activities such as kayaking and sky diving. There is a wide variety of accommodation available to suit all tastes. There are many guest houses, lodges, hotels and bungalows available to stay in. Click here to grasp additional details visit Matbutikk på nett

The best time to visit the MatBuy is from October to April when the rivers are at their busiest. The whole year is a good time to visit the area as the climate is very pleasant. The ideal season is from November to February. Visitors are advised to avoid the month of April as this is the wet season.

The main source of income from the MatBuy is the rubber and tarpaulin that is produced by the village people. The tourists are not required to spend anything on purchasing the goods. Some of the products are sold at very cheap rates. The MatBuy earns its revenue from various commercial activities.

Fishing is one of the major sources of livelihood for the people in the village. Fresh water and saltwater fish such as salmon are fished regularly. The Tulu nets that are set up to let the nets cover the waters are also quite lucrative. For those people who are into tourism and have a camera, you can take photographs of the natural scenery and wildlife of the area. This will give you an amazing photograph to cherish for lifetime.

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